Tung Lee

Gear Motor

PL,PF Gear reduction motor

PFK,PLK Self-contained motor gear reducer

PFD,PLD Dual-shatt type gear reducer

TL4060 Shaft-Mounted Gear Reducer

TL4070 Shaft-Mounted Gear Reducer

TL5080 Shaft-Mounted Gear Reducer

IPL Mechanical parking Gear Motor

ITL4070 Gear Motor for Mechanical Parking System

HF,VF Planetary Gear Reducer - Flange Input

HS,VS Planetary Gear Reducer - Input Shaft

Compact AC/DC Gear Motor

IK induction motor

IK-B Motor with electromagnetic brake

RK reversible motor

M Stepless variable speed control motor

M-B Variable speed control motor with electromagnetic brake

GN Gear Reducer

GU Gear Reducer

GA worm gear reducer

GNT,GUT Linear stroke

US Panel Mount Speed Control Unit (No RPM display)

UX Panel Mount Speed Control Unit (RPM displayed)

SS Integrated Installation Speed Control Unit

NR Hollow Shaft Worm Gear Reducer

NRM Hollow Shaft Worm Gear Reducer

DM Permanent magnet DC motor

RA,RH Right-Angle Gearheads

Servo Gear Reducer

TRS Servo Gear Reducer - Euro spec.

TRK Servo Gear Reducer - Japan spec.